2. Use a Desensitizing Toothpaste Such as Colgate® Sensitive

Regular toothpaste only does so much for sensitive teeth, but Colgate® Sensitive toothpaste is formulated to benefit people who suffer from tooth pain caused by sensitivity.

All Colgate® Sensitive products include potassium nitrate, an ingredient that desensitizes the nerves and alleviates the pain caused by sensitive teeth.

When the enamel on a tooth is worn down, or the gumline is recessed, the dentin is exposed, and can lead to tooth sensitivity. Why? Dentin is the layer of the tooth just below the enamel. It contains thousands of tiny pathways that run from the center of the tooth, the pulp (where the nerves of the tooth are located), to the surface. When the dentin is exposed, fluid flows outward from the pulp. If this flow is interrupted by exposure to heat or cold temperatures, change in pressure or sweet or sour foods and drinks, a signal gets transmitted to the nerves, which is then perceived as pain.

This sensation of pain from the tooth’s surface to the interior nerves is stopped by potassium nitrate. This blockage occurs because the potassium ions make their way into the pulp and prevent the transmission of pain signals to the brain.

Use Colgate® Sensitive Toothpastes. to Relieve Your Tooth Sensitivity

soft toothbrush for sensitive teeth

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